CLET “Hippie Authority” is a unique early work from 2013  (1/1

Art work - Reflecting paper hand cut on an original road sign (2002), ø 60 cm

It is signed front and back and comes with a letter of authentication with CLET’s signature and thumb print.


CLET Abraham biographie:

Originally coming from the world of paintings and sculptures, Clet Abraham has moved on to putting street sign stickers in cities around the world. His philosophy is not to destroy, ruin, or invade with his artworks, but rather to be respectful and sometimes provocative. These interventions are made in order to wake up attention and create a dialogue. In this way, he believes his peaceful works contribute to the street art of cultural and historical cities in all parts of the world. Some people call him a guerilla artist, as he mostly works by night when the chances to get caught are smaller, and because his actions are sometimes illegal.

CLET “Hippie Authority”