Box Story Sculpture | Dimensions cm | 20 x 30 x 7 cm
Limited-edition pieces handcrafted by Gaspard Mitz. They are showcased within a wood and plexiglass shadow box. Each piece is signed, titled and dated on the back and comes with a letter of authenticaiton.

Gaspard Mitz | Dédicace | 2017

  • With small figures in scale 1/87, Gaspar Mitz, Parisian born artist, imagines scenes where these figures are the protagonist. Artistic references or improbable situations scramble. The artist draws elements from art history, cinema or games to bring to life his miniature heroes. Measuring only two centimeters, these figures revisit large paintings that marked their time. A shrunken reality in which they can surf the waves of Hokusai or answer the call of muses of Roy Lichtenstein.

    In small groups, of two or three, the miniatures manage to say a lot. The theater of their adventures is limited to a box, with a sober and refined decoration, resembling Japanese aesthetics. His stories are captured instants that never lack humor or poetry, playing with the knowledge and the reactions of the observers.
    Each ""story box"" is made by hand, by Gaspar Mitz, in wood, polystyrene or paper. They are made in limited editions, only 6 to 12 pieces. There is a version under the form of dome, of which there is only one exemplary available.