Each handbag is a unique and unrepeatable bag, created with recylcled pages of a luxury wallpaper lookbook. € 129 - € 149 (with bamboo handle)

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Handmade in Florence.

Measures: width at the base 24 cm, 22 cm at the hinge, height 23 cm, 4 cm deep.  

The handle is in the shape of a braid. € 129 - € 149 (with bamboo handle)

TILDE | Unrepeatable handbag

  • The Tilde handbags are handmade in Florence with recycling wallpaper pages from the lookbook of the luxury interior design wall paper company in Florence.

    From each page only one unique and unrepeatable bag is created in a style with a retro elegance flavor.

    The vinyl wallpaper is composed of a layer of paper covered with a pvc film, which makes it waterproof. This allows you to create resistant and detachable bags. Each bag is a small work of art, the result of ingenuity and great manual ability. A piece assembled, sewn and carefully finished by hand. The bags are reinforced in the points subject to the greatest wear and subsequently finished with valuable decorative materials, such as chains and plaques with the brand name imprinted.