What time is it? NOW! The time to be ...

The Concious Living Wristband is a worn reminder to remain in the present moment, a space that does not wish to be counted, but rather experienced. It sheds itself of time (literally), no minutes or hours, no mechanical parts. It is a statement piece of the cause for a more compassionate and conscious planet; providing a touchstone to reflect upon throughout your day - inhale, exhale and pause each time you look down at your wrist.


Sophisticated, stylish and Earth-Friendly,

each piece is 100% handcrafted in Italy from reclaimed wood and non-toxic vegetable dyes. Each piece is unique, highlighted in the natural grain of olive, maple or Indian rosewood and comes with vegan-friendly wrist strap.

NULLAME Tones of grey | Maple | Navy Blue (Vegan)



    Video by Rocco Gurrieri & Irene Montini


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    Photography Irene Montini, assistant Rocco Gurrieri