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CLET "Classico" Green

CLET "Classico" Green


CLET “Classico” (2011)- Spray painting on an original road sign (2003), signed front and back ø 60 cm            € 15.000

This is CLET’s most famous work which was to become the “Classico” . This particular  green “Classico” was one of the first signs he did as he only started with this idea in 2010. This is an absolut unique piece as he has never done a coloured “Classico” afterwards and as of 2012 stop doing the “Classico” totally, because it is then when he started to number the other signs. It is only available because it is part of my private collection and was never shown in the store.
Comes with a letter of authentication with CLET’s signature and thumb print.


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