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MAGIC STONE | Cat's Eye Emerald | Choker

MAGIC STONE | Cat's Eye Emerald | Choker


Cat's Eye Emerald has healing properties include enhancement of determination, will power, intelligence, awareness, and knowledge. It enhances positive thinking as it admits a protective energy.

This short necklace on a silk string with adjustable length 2 stone necklace clasp.Once you put on this beautiful necklace, you do not want or need to take it off anymore. It is so light and resistant that you can sleep and shower with it.100% natural - water resistant.Handmade in Italy.


    The white Perle stone  is automatically associated with a sign of purity and spirituality. The stone allows you to reduce the anguish and stress related to a difficult daily existence and to correct the possible mood swings which you could experience. It promotes your sensitivity using positive waves. It is a natural effect of the stone.