Rock Crystal short Necklace on a silk string with adjustable length 2 stone necklace clasp.

Once you put on this beautiful necklace, you do not want or need to take it off anymore. It is so light and resistant that you can sleep and shower with it.

100% natural - water resistant.

Handmade in Italy.

MAGIC STONE | Rock Crystal | Choker

  • Rock crystal stone has a symbolic property for which it is recognised. It is a receiver, transmitter and amplifier. Rock crystal stone works on the energy that is inside oneself, amplifying, transforming, storing and transmitting it.

    Rock crystal stone is the perfect stone for imagination and clairvoyance. It also allows you to reach high states of meditation very quickly. For energy blockages, rock crystal helps stabilise and harmonise the etheric body as well as the body’s vibrational rate.