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MAGIC STONE | Amazonite | Choker

MAGIC STONE | Amazonite | Choker

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Amazonite is a stone of courage and shatters the lies of “victim mentality.” It empowers us to be the master of our own fate and reminds us that we have the power to do great things.

This short Necklace on a silk string with adjustable length 2 stone necklace clasp.

Once you put on this beautiful necklace, you do not want or need to take it off anymore. It is so light and resistant that you can sleep and shower with it.

100% natural - water resistant.

Handmade in Italy.


    Amazonite stone promotes serenity and wellness, setting aside all forms of negative thoughts. Its primary virtue being compassion. It offers the reception of sincere and reciprocal feelings, providing the wearer sensations of happiness. Amazonite calms, especially when it comes to feelings of frustration. It helps to reinforce feminine behaviour, while soothing the spirits. If it is applied to the throat chakra, amazonite grants softness and sincerity in romantic interactions.


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