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ROSE | Ring | Bronze

ROSE | Ring | Bronze


This bronze rose-shaped floral ring exsist in 2 different bronze colors. It will be made in your size upon your order in case you do not find your size available.
It is carved in wax and later cast in bronze; the leaves build the structure of the stem so that the ring is very comfortable and well suited to the hand. You can choose between colors of antique bronze or turquoise patina.


  • Federico - Florentine master goldsmith

    My jewelry in gold, silver, but also in unconventional materials, is designed through a constant osmosis between formal and stylistic research, technological and metallurgical knowledge that can be made into unique pieces or items in a collection.

    In my workshop I use diverse techniques, some of which are really ancient like: granulation, keum-boo, mokume-gane and reticulation. Following the discipline of such techniques, however, does not prevent me from also pursuing a passion for technical innovation and creative experimentation.

    Through the years I have developed some techniques of my own (or secret alchemy!) using, in some cases combinations of different metals, or various surface treatments, involving chemical and physical reactions or different ways of working with the materials I use.

    I prefer working the metal directly, to design unique pieces rather than objects that can be mass-produced, but sometimes I also work in wax or use other materials if I need to keep down costs in planning larger collections of items.

  • How to order a ring - how do I know my size?

    If you do not find your ring size available, in the above drop down menu, please choose TO ORDER in the same menu and specify in the field MADE TO MEASURE your ring size and if necessary color you would like to order.  Please count up to 10-14 working days for your order to be shipped.

    How do I know my ring size?

    Please find the ring size conversione sheet with the ring pictures. Find the ring size in your country of origin and see to which size it corresponds in the Italian measuring system. Please include this information in your order form.

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