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To be a fountain of creativity, joy, 
openness, mind expansion, and love
A place where each artist and artisan's gift is showcased and highlighted. Presenting design made with passion, in harmony with the natural world.  Each carefully chosen object  is an extension of your own uniqueness that enhances the quality of your life.

Inspired by the Elegance of Awareness


“Awareness of the moment creates space which gives room for creativity in its most natural and elegant form” explains Antje d’Almeida, creator of MIO Concept Store, the home of street art and unique handmade gifts in Florence since 2011.

Her international background and first-hand knowledge both of the simplicity of country life and the sophistication of a cosmopolitan context have allowed her to successfully blend unique creativity with sustainability and taste in a singular concept store.

"I love to share my discoveries and connections with MIO clients! Each client who leaves the store with a smile confirms MIO’s vision and makes me happy. I hope there will be many more shops like MIO in a colorful world of diversity where the unique signature of individual creativity is appreciated globally..." 

Antje d'Almeida


Would you like to share MIO's VISION on your blog or publications?

Or do you feel that MIO's products could enrich your store?

We are more than happy to respond to your questions!

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