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Energy Harmonizing Jewelry

The future of our wellbeing relies on us enhancing our vital energy through self-empowering tools, methods and knowledge.

The IN-FORMA energy harmonizing pendants can bring immediate benefits to your physical, energetic and emotional being.

Use your intuition to choose the pendant you’re most attracted to!


MIO Washable Paper

MIO bag’pack is a versatile shoulder bag that doubles up as a backpack. It is handmade locally, with love and respect for nature.

We only use recycled material, specially treated to make them unique, durable and comfortable.

MIO bag'pack is eco-friendly, light, waterproof, vegan and biodegradable. It is a ZERO KM product that you can just throw in the washing machine at 30 °C when you need to. Natural and cool, MIO bag’pack is radically chic!



The Time To Be

What time is it? It's NOW!

Nullame is a time that cannot be measured but contemplated and experienced. Nullame knows no seconds, minutes or hours, and it has no need of hands. Nullame is the time to be.

Choose your time. Now.

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