BLUB's fantastic reintepetration on canvas 50 x 70 cm of one of Florences most celebrated portraits of the Italian Renaissance, painted by Piero della Francesca features Battista Sforza (1446-1472).

Technique: Print on canvas entirely repainted, signed front and back. Size 50 x 70 cm. Also available on carton  20 x 30 cm cm/each print on canvas repainted.


BLUB anonyoums florentine street- artist about his work:

"BLUB means  art that knows how to swim. It is about two ways one can live life, like heros with love or life or we can choose to be stuck with fear. A true artist of life chooses to take crisis as an opportunity to overcome our limitations while being confident in the future and in our potential. So, even though it seems like we are all underwater it is time to learn how to swim!

Renaissance art in Florence is still strong and hides today’s art that is alive and contemporary, so by using icons of the past with diving masks the theme presents a mix between the past and the contemporary world. There is no need to deny the past in order to look at the present, but at least acknowledge it."

BLUB | Battista Sforza | on canvas



    Video by Rocco Gurrieri & Irene Montini


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    Photography Irene Montini, assistant Rocco Gurrieri