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SMALTO | Ring | Mint

SMALTO | Ring | Mint


Bronze ring decorated with jewellery enamel. Its grace lies in the contrast between the smooth shine of the luminose enamel color, the quirkiness of the notched setting and the wrinkled stem. This Smalto ring is for every day, for all occasions ... and for all moods, depending on the color, make your choice!
H 5mm, W15mm, 6,5gr, bronze, jewellery enamel, synthetic resins

  • How to order a ring - how do I know my size?

    If you do not find your ring size available, in the above drop down menu, please choose TO ORDER in the same menu and specify in the field MADE TO MEASURE your ring size and if necessary color you would like to order.  Please count up to 10-14 working days for your order to be shipped.

    How do I know my ring size?

    Please find the ring size conversione sheet with the ring pictures. Find the ring size in your country of origin and see to which size it corresponds in the Italian measuring system. Please include this information in your order form.

  • Nobility of the Renaissance fused in Modern Design

    This bronze Smalto ring is made with the casting technique, decorated with jewelry enamel, synthetic resins. Using the traditional Renaissance goldsmith techniques of lost wax casting, the goldsmith is able to play with the combinations of metals and their elegant color contrast, exchanging them in the various components.The more it is worn the more it comes to life, it is polished, it changes. Until it becomes "your" jewel.

    Note for bronze rings:
    The oxidation caused by copper, the main ingredient of bronze, can stain the skin of the wearer which is easily removed by washing your hands with soap.

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