Original artwork, limited edition, handsigned by Studio G’Art44 Illustrazioni Serie Firenze. This illustration shows the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, in a perspective of light and shadows that the artist has imagined to render an almost three-dimensional view of the square.

Fine Art print on fine paper dim.13x18 cm  o 10X15 cm
applied by hand on a rigid support
Hand retouching with water-based finishing paint
Numbered and certified series (150)
Rigid white frame in natural material


Basilica of Santa Maria Novella | Florence | Fine Art print

  • Very high resolution printing technology of digital images on fine papers in natural fibers. It allows the achievement of extraordinary results in terms of resolution (360/720 dpi), quantity and chromatic quality. The duration of these inks on fine papers in natural fibers, allows to obtain the ISO 9706 standard and a certified
    The material and three-dimensional aspect of the work was obtained by finishing with water-based paint
    Limited Edition with numbered certificate