handsigned 49 cm murual sticker. limited edition.

Nefretiti | Mural sticker | S

  • When the anonymous Lediesis clandestinely threw up eight “superwomen” around Florence in honour of International Women’s Day in March, Florentines and visitors mobilized en masse to find them all. Rita Levi-Montalcini, Frida Kahlo, Margherita Hack, Princess Lela, Sophia Loren, the Virgin Mary, Nefertiti and Kill Bill’s The Bride were all given the superhero treatment, affixed to the walls with Superman’s emblem emblazoned on their chests, coyly winking at the spectator. With this single act, the mysterious street artist (or collective) shined a light on the achievements of these powerful women, both real and fictional, and sent a message about the strength of the deeds of females across all walks of life.

    Lediesis says. “is a tribute to women and as a moment for us all to reflect. The works portray women who universally represent feminine strength, sensitivity and intelligence, all stars in their respective fields.”


Photography Irene Montini, assistant Rocco Gurrieri


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Video by Rocco Gurrieri & Irene Montini


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